jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

OpenPS3FTP 2.0

jjolano ha publicado la versión 1.4 de OpenPS3FTP, aplicación para Playstation 3 que permite conectar la consola de Sony con un ordenador vía FTP y así poder transferir archivos, borrar, copiar, mover, etc. Una alternativa al FTP Server de blackb0x.

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  • Changed ICON0.PNG
  • Moved to a different XMB category (now under Network)
  • Fixed another possible memory leak
  • Added "dev_dragon" to mount detection and warning list
  • Changed LIST command output format (again)
  • Added new algorithms and methods
  • Should support Remote Play (untested)
  • Added a better way to get the IP (no internet required anymore - thanks andoma)
  • Added /app_home and /host_root to listing exceptions as they cause problems
  • Now uses Hermes' sysfs sprx link instead of lv2 syscalls
  • Tweaks made to improve internal performance, stability, and reliability
  • Added a "screen saver" (simply blanks screen after 60 sec of no controller input)
  • Added an exit application button combination shortcut (SELECT + START)
  • Added an internal "retry system" designed to reduce failed transfers for small files
  • New git for v2.0 and later: http://git-hacks.com...

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