viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Pimp My Wii 2.20

Attila ha publicado la versión 2.20 de Pimp My Wii, aplicación que permite tener al día nuestra Wii sin pasar por el método oficial de actualización de firmware de Nintendo, además de añadir algunas funcionalidades extra. Comprueba todos los iOS, actualizándolos cuando es necesario, "truchándolos" a la vez.

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  • Updated libfat and libogc to SVN version (the one from previous Pimp was 1.8.3 because of a bug introduced in libogc 1.8.4). This bring the fixes by libogc like a better USB compatibility, and some stability fixes. Thanks to __jf__ for the fixing of this libogc bug.
  • Now pImp asks you if you want to launch trucha signed games on DVD on Disc channel. If you answer No, ioses will be installed without patchs (except for ios 36 and the one used by system menu). You still have the choice to put thoses patches to "Yes" if you want.
  • Fix the return to the Wii menu using a channel / forwarder.
  • If a problem occurs during downloading, it will be tried again 2 times.
  • Add support to WAD file named in full name obtained from NUS Download for Mii, Photo, News and Forecast channels.
  • The "info" export now can use an USB key if you don't have an SD card inserted.
  • Fix a bug with minus and plus buttons (previous and next) in the selection of ios/titles to install.
  • Fix the support for bad named wad files.
  • Add the displaying of the source IOS, the revision of the source IOS and the version number of Hermes' cIOSes installed (ex: v5.1 IOS Source 57 rev 5661).
  • Add the displaying of the source IOS, the revision of the source IOS from Waninkoko's cIOS and some installed IOS (ex: IOS source 58 rev 6176). This let you know by example if you have an IOS with a revision number modified (pimp modify this number for stub ios like ios 60).
  • In the "Wad" menu, pimp prevent from installing or uninstalling a file that is not a wad file.
  • Since latest priiloader doesn't need es_identify on ios used by system menu, Pimp will not detect his absence like an error.
  • To hack a Wii, pimp will now patch the IOS 36 instead of 15.
  • This fix the fact that during the very first hack, the cIOS 249 could only be installed during the second pass.
  • In the Wad menu, long filename will be truncated.
  • Clean the memory used after the installation of cIOS.
  • The "es downgrade" patch (es version check) now also work on IOS below than 28 (not modular).
  • If Wiimote failed during initialisating (because of a bad bluetooth module ??) and if you don't have a gamecube pad, you can now use the power and reset buttons. Power = A, Reset = B. This mode is disabled if there is no problem with Wiimotes.
  • Added Korean IOS from 4.3v2 update (40, 43, 45, 46, 48, 52) in the necessary ios "stub" part.
  • Increase the revision of the IOS 41 to the latest available.
  • Fix some informations displayed in the "infos" export.
  • Fix the export of OTP Keys in "infos" (export) which wasn't displayed in some cases.
  • Check if Pimp got full hardware acces (HW_AHBPROT). Otherwise, Pimp will ask you to use HBC and put the meta.xml file in the good directory to work properly.
  • Added another protection against brick. You cannot installed an stub IOS if the system menu uses that IOS. This protection is not in place in the "wad" mode. Please be care about WAD you install manually.
  • Some minor modifications.

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