lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

multiMAN 1.16.13

Dean ha publicado la versión 1.16.13 de multiMAN, aplicación para Playstation 3 que además de hacer de administrador de archivos, visor de imágenes y archivos HEX o reproductor de mp3 es un magnífico lanzador de copias de seguridad.

Imagen enviada Imagen enviada Imagen enviada


  • Added: new options in options.ini: [usb_mirror], [verify_data] and [download_dir]
  • Added: support for new version of "ebootFIX" tool (PSN-style XMB games)
  • Added: support for ™, © and ® symbols when renaming game titles (converts ™ ® and © to ™, © and ®)
  • Changed: Max number of games in the list set to 2048
  • Added: [START]+[SELECT] restarts multiMAN
  • Added: RELOAD.SELF to multiMAN USRDIR folder (this way multiMAN can be launched from other applications)
  • Added: support for XMB*.PNG images in themes (XMB0.PNG->PIC0.PNG, XMB1.PNG->PIC1.PNG, XMB2.PNG->PIC2.PNG)
  • Added: proper detection of spoofed firmwares
  • Added: /ps3_home/archive folder for .mmiso. experimental support (not available yet)
  • Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO when launching newer games
  • Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO version even when PS3 FW version is the same

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