martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Wood 1.33: Firmware alternativo para R4 y R4iDSN

Se acaba de publicar la versión 1.33 de Wood, el firmware alternativo para los flashcards R4 y R4iDSN que se usan en Nintendo DS y Nintendo DSi.

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  • Core:
    • switched to devkitarm r34.
    • updated touchscreen processing code.
    • non-empty folders can be deleted.
    • crc32 calculation added. start->tools->crc32. now all bug reports without crc32 of rom ignored.

  • Interface:
    • small icons view style added to main list.
    • chezh localization updated. tnx to intemes.
    • romanian localization updated. tnx to Attila13.
    • german localization updated. tnx to Werner Schabert.

  • WIFI-update:
    • minor fixes and improvements.

  • Compatibility:
    • 'one piece - gigant battle! (france)' fixed.
    • 'kaidan restaurant - zoku! shin menu 100-sen (japan)' fixed.
    • 'tennis no oji-sama gyutto! dokidoki survival umi to yama no love passion (japan)' fixed.
    • 'imagine - resort owner (usa)' fixed.
    • 'crime lab - body of evidence (usa)' fixed.

  • RPG Specific:
    • • updated bypass protection mode.

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