lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Lanzamiento Dual Firmware PS3

Pues bueno chicos, una muy buena noticia traída directamente de psx-scene ... cfw-87243/ según cuenta un hacker anónimo, ha desarrollado un PDF en el cual se explican los pasos para poder bootear la Ps3 con dos firmwares distintos, es decir uno oficial y un custom firmware por ejemplo, el secreto radica en la inclusión de una segunda nand según entiendo yo de eso, asi que a esperar tocan las nuevas noticias!! Copio y pego para que leáis directamente
05/23/2011 For Immediate Release:
The beginning of dual-firmware PS3:
The technique outlined in the .PDF will help people learn more about 3.6x firmwares.
The solution relies on the implementation of a second NOR/NAND Flash.
Some technical limitations have been identified. But time will help us to remove them.
The information in the document is still theoretical for the moment, however please post results from your testing.
We believe knowledge and information wants to be free.
Learn what you can and help contribute to making the PS3 scene a better place.
Released by No_One.
Maybe in the near future we will see soon something like this, that was done by hackaday for the Nintendo Wii NAND's:

Below is the attached PDF file, in-case the above link goes dead for some reason.

Our many thanks to NO_ONE for contacting us, and lets see if this gets the developers together to work on making it happen in the very near future for the PS3 Owners out there wishing for a solid solution to the problem of CFW vs. OFW!
Aquí el PDF en cuestión

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