miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Neogamma R9 Beta 48 para Wii

WiiPower publicó ayer la versión R9 Beta 48 de Neogamma, un loader bastante completo, heredero de WiiGator's Gamma backup loader. Los cambios desde la R9 beta 47 son:

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Changelog R9 beta 48:

  • Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Changed to the code handler from Gecko OS 1.9.x, thanks go to biolizard89 for porting the Wii debugger code handler to GC
  • Changed Block IOS Reload to only use mode 2 as well as reloading into the cIOS NeoGamma uses(only d2xv4+)
  • Added return to HBC feature instead of returning to wii menu games' home menu(only d2xv4+). Might work with channels and forwarders as well
  • Updated to devkiptPPC r21 and libogc 1.8.6(both modified, see .txt files for details)
  • Added cIOS rev21 identification
  • Updated the game disc region auto detection
  • Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed warnings when booting GCOS itself(won't work on softmodded Wiis!)
  • Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Compressing the GC loader .dol now(about 150KB saved)
  • Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Don't boot MIOS anymore on GC mode external when no .dol is found

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